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The Almeria gypsum quarries

The Almeria quarries supplying 20% of gypsum production in Europe

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The Almeria gypsum quarries

40 years of experience in this sector, providing our customers gypsum from the quarries of Almería.

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Our Gypsum

Natural gypsum crushed and screened with 70mm, 40mm and fines with 5mm

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Global transport

Torralba group load more than 300 ships per year, leading to numerous gypsum cement factories around the world.

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Environmental Awareness

Species of plants of gypsum are used later in the restoration of the quarries which operates the Group Torralba

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June 2012:Torralba Group will exhibit a stand at Intercem 2012 in Istambul from 26 June 2012 to 28 June 2012.



May 2012: The Torralba Group activity began in the LETIZIA quarry, located in the municipal area of Tabernas, Almeria. Last wednesday May 23rd, the first blasting took place at the gypsum quarry. The mayoress Maria de las Nieves Jaen as well the managing director of the Torralba group, Salvador Torralba were present at the inaugural act..

March 2012: Torralba Group has participated at the 13th Annual Meeting of internationalization in Murcia (Spain)

October 2011: Inauguration of new facilities. New headquarters in Murcia Torralba Group

global gypsum

October 2011: TORRALBA GROUP is present at 11th GLOBAL GYPSUM in Las Vegas (EE.UU).

Februay 2011: The Andalucia government has authorized the transfer of an exploitation concession Sorbas gypsum in the company Fassa Bartolo Spain, although the operator for the extraction remains Explotaciones RIo de Aguas SL, former owner, according to the agreement reached between the two companies.

October 2010: TORRALBA GROUP is present at 10th GLOBAL GYPSUM in PARIS.

September 2010: TORRALBA GROUP and our President, Francisco Torralba, receives the prize to the best company of the Levant from Almeria of the hand of the President of the Union of Municipalities.

September2010: President of TORRALBA GROUP, Francisco Torralba, is nominated a favorite son of the municipality of Sorbas after 40 years working in a serious and professional way, possessing always the neighbors of this land. A street of the people also will take his name as recognition.

June 2010: TORRALBA GROUP is present at Eurogypsum's traditional biennial Congress that has taken place in Strasbourg, the capital of the Alsace, in the part North-East of France. It has been organized in collaboration with the French Association of the Gypsum Industry. (SNIP)

April 2009: TORRALBA GROUP n his commitment for the environment resigns voluntarily to the rights of exploitation of the quarries that tape-worm granted by the Government of Andalusia inside the Nature Reserve.


Our clients

Torralba Group companies acting as operators of large global companies producing cement and gypsum products like plasticboard

Environmental Awareness


We invest in the installation of a large greenhouse in Cuevas de Almanzora which produce all kinds of gypsum plants species used in the restoration of the quarries.

Contact with Us

Avda. de la Fama, 19
Ed. Torrenueva 1
30008 Murcia
+34 968 242 815

Ctra. Nacional 340
Km 504
04270 Sorbas Almeria
+34 950 364 400