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The Almeria gypsum quarries

The Almeria quarries supplying 20% of gypsum production in Europe

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The Almeria gypsum quarries

40 years of experience in this sector, providing our customers gypsum from the quarries of Almería.

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Our Gypsum

Natural gypsum crushed and screened with 70mm, 40mm and fines with 5mm

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Global transport

Torralba group load more than 300 ships per year, leading to numerous gypsum cement factories around the world.

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Environmental Awareness

Species of plants of gypsum are used later in the restoration of the quarries which operates the Group Torralba

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Torralba Group is the leading Company in the extraction and commercialization of GYPSUM in SPAIN. Our affiliated company "Explotaciones Rio de Aguas S.A." is involved in at the extraction of gypsum from quarries and another affiliated company "Transportes La Fama S.A." transports our gypsum.

Gypsum rock is dihydrate calcium (SO4 Ca.2H2O) a naturally ocurring non-metallic mineral.

The Group owns and operates very important reserves of natural gypsum deposits in the province of Almeria, from where it extracts over 4 million metric tons of gypsum rock annually. They are exported by sea from the ports of Almeria (Spain). Our gypsum is crushed and screened with 0-70 mm, 0-40 mm and fines of 0-5 mm. All with recognized high purity

Gypsum is a necessary component in the production of portland cement and it is also the basic raw material for the production of plaster, plasterboard and plaster pre-fabricated products for the building and construction industries.

Torralba Group is the largest producer and exporter of natural gypsum in Spain. Over 300 ocean going bulk carriers are loaded every year, for destination markets in Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Tonnages loaded on these ships vary between 3.000 and 55.000 metric tonnes per shipment.

Gypsum production and shipment quality are inspected and certified by SGS, Société Générale de Surveillance. 

In addition to operating and extracting natural gypsum from their own quarries, the Torralba Group of companies manage gypsum, limestone, pozzolan and clay quarries owned in Spain by the large gypsum and biggest cement groups in the world. 

We are sure that the quality of our gypsum, our market prices  and our 40 years of experience in this sector mean that we can come to agreements in an immediate future.

We have a quarry rehabilitation policy in cooperation with Almería University. Torralba Group is now in a position to draw on its experience to serve the cause of biodiversity. Understanding our environmental responsibilities is extremely important. 

The Gypsum from our quarries is extremely pure and due to its crystallization, is seen as ecological as it does not produce dust during its production and transport.

We obtained ISO 14001,this certificate accrediting the Environmental Management System which the company applies throughout its production processes. We also obtained ISO 9001, it is the internationally recognised standard for quality management. 


Our clients

Torralba Group companies acting as operators of large global companies producing cement and gypsum products like plasticboard

Environmental Awareness


We invest in the installation of a large greenhouse in Cuevas de Almanzora which produce all kinds of gypsum plants species used in the restoration of the quarries.

Contact with Us

Avda. de la Fama, 19
Ed. Torrenueva 1
30008 Murcia
+34 968 242 815

Ctra. Nacional 340
Km 504
04270 Sorbas Almeria
+34 950 364 400